Baby Room

We have made our Baby Room as homely as possible as we understand how difficult it is for you to leave your baby with us. We will adhere to your child’s individual routine until you are ready for them to adapt to our routines. Babies develop a close bond with their key-person so, wherever possible, that key person will be with them: to change nappies, feed, at sleep times, and when your baby needs nothing more than a cuddle. There are plentiful resources in the room to ensure that your baby can extend their own play and learning opportunities.

Toddler Room

In line with the children’s developmental stage, our Toddler Room is slightly more structured, with set routines that enable the children to take part in a range of opportunities, promoting learning and independence. The children have free flow indoor/outdoor play incorporated into their routine so that they are able to explore whichever area they choose. As this is an important time for children to further develop communication skills, we provide consistent opportunities for them to widen their vocabulary and experiment with language.

Pre-School Room

Our Pre-school Room routine is modelled on school routines and structure. We offer endless opportunities for children to extend their learning and development and become independent, confident individuals ready for school life. The children are offered free flow indoor/outdoor play at most points in the day, giving them opportunities to explore and examine the natural world around them. Small, focused groups give the children time to develop their interests and skills further.